DaDa Wedding! Caribbean Princess Sept. 16,2006
From Sunrise to Sunset! "Lynn finds Blessings and Soroya Suggests Services"

Hi, Brenda,

We had a WONDERFUL time. The weather was perfect on every day, except the day we were in St. Maarten.

We loved the mini-suite.  My husband is 6'3", so it was nice to have extra space.  This was his first cruise with a balcony ,and he truly enjoyed it.  He is one who loves to watch the sun rise and set.   It doesn't get much better than being able to watch from your bed!

The wedding was simply beautiful.  Believe it or not, my hubby cried.  He said that it reminded him of how blessed he was to be with me.   Isn't that sweet?  I asked him what he wanted to buy because I felt like he was buttering me up for something. :-)

I am so glad you recommended flying down one day earlier.  We met another couple who was also with Valerie's group, so the four of us hung out together.   It was really nice.

I am not sure if we talked after the trip I took with my mother, but we really enjoyed that one as well.  All of our accommodations were great.  You did a superb job putting that trip together--especially arranging the direct flights for each location.

We will be certain to stay in touch.  thanks again for everything.



Hey Brenda,

I wanted to thank you sooooo much for all the help you gave me with my mother's wedding cruise.   I would have been lost without you!  Your suggestions from which cruise line to take, to what wedding planner to use really made a difference.  I will be suggesting your services to everyone I know.



DaDa Wedding

Nov 4, 2006