Grand Princess, Sept 2007 Iceland/Greenland

Got to say, our first day in Iceland was amazing.  What a unique country! We went to the geysers and the scenery was spectacular, of course the sulfur smell was a killer.  The land spreads out for miles and miles totally flat.  You can watch it rain, or the sun shine or the fog roll on all different places at the same time.  We saw the Waterfall of the Gods (Godafos) and walked the river bank. Weather was OK, meaning the temperature was fine, 50 and sunny, but in some areas the wind made it feel colder.  We were out on the bus for over 6 hours in this northern part of Iceland and we had the best tour director I have ever encountered. She was so interesting, no one wanted to come back to the ship. She was from Germany and spoke 5 different languages.

  We are just pulling away from the dock now to go to Reyjavik, in the south. They say the temp should be warmer there. Seas are calm, and we are having a lot of rest between tour days. After tomorrow, we have 2 days at sea.

  Slot machines have been paying off, so Byron is in his glory. I hope it lasts. That is all the news for now. Hope all is well with you.

  Do want to thank you for the Asti, beer and photo. We have enjoyed all, that is very kind of you.

Trudy and Byron Ashbrook


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