Europe, Millenium, Nov. 2007
Pamukkale, Turkey "Cotton Castle"

I just returned from a cruise aboard the Millennium (Celebrity Cruises). This was one of the highlights of the cruise. We had a special tour guide named Yasar, who was incredible. He took our group to Pamukkale (called Cotton Castle in Turkish), the ancient city of Hieroplois. This was mountains of white lime cascades (calcareous deposits) formed by the mineral springs (hot water).  We also visited the ruins of the Roman health spas, the theatre, the bath, the colonnaded avenue and the largest cemetery of Asia Minor. This was not the typical tour from the cruise lines. It took us at least 3 hours to get there, but it was worth the drive. We also stopped along the way at a wonderful restaurant called Tantonia's. We had some wonderful, fresh homemade pita bread appetizer with a spinach & goat cheese. They also gave us extra pita bread and olive oil with oregano & hot pepper. The chicken kabob with bulgur was delicious and of course you have to try the apple tea that is known throughout Turkey.

Brenda Punchak, Owner of Cruise Time



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