Our Princess cruise in September was one of the most delightful trips my husband and I have been on. It had everything we wanted…beautiful oceans, lots of activity, wonderful dining, gambling, dancing and relaxing. Both peaceful and fun…whatever our mood of the moment. This is our first cruise with a balcony and I will NEVER go back. It made the whole experience so much more. Sleeping with the sounds of the ocean, waking up to the seagulls, and a private romantic breakfast "on the ocean" was wonderful. I would highly recommend it!! Also, the optional Personal Choice dining was our preference. If we wanted to take a nap and have dinner whenever we got around to it suited our vacation style. We travel quite a bit, but felt like our cruise experience was one of the best choices for a no hassle, fulfilling vacation. We are definitely doing it again!!

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"We treat your vacation like it was our own."